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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Train Like Your Training For a Fight

Well Well Well,

training and practice have been going great. I'll be competing in the 135 and under division on Dec 3rd. I've been biking three-five miles every other day and I can really feel it paying off in class. AND! My body is really starting to relax, my breathing is great. Though I'm still having troubling with thinking to much about certain holds and not the position of the rest of my body.

My diet has been great as well. My diet consists of:

low fat yogurt
oat meal
and lean beef
lots of veggies too, along with fruit.

I'm drinking a ton of water, along with coconut Juice. I do have some lazy days when I eat some not so good foods. However I drank my last two beers for a solid month until the meet has passed. I know it must seem crazy training and focusing this hard for a "in house" meet consisting of my other classmates. But one of my old Martial Arts instructors/hero's once said: "Train like your training for a fight" (Erik Paulson)

In this way you stay focused, and I want to do good in this, even if I do get my butt handed to me. At least I knew that I worked my butt off, so it can't be that bad right? We shall see! If I do good in this, God only knows how i'll do in other tournaments up ahead. If things don't go my way, I'll scoop my self off the ground a keep going. I know I'm holding my own out there, my stamina is great and with people my own size I'm defending myself very well. Its the offense that needs work.

Right now, I'm a little tired, but I feel great. Right now things are mostly all in the mental game. And as always if you follow this and don't practice the Martial way, consider eating healthy and exercise, because your life is sometimes the greatest fight you'll ever have.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Straight Ahead

December 3rd, I'm competing in my first tournament. Though it will be small, and "in house" (meaning students that belong to the gym) my focus is as though this were any other tournament that would happen any other time.

I'm focused, nervous, scared, excited and a whole bunch of other emotions running through me. One month of solid focus. I'm eating very well, staying away from not so healthy foods. If I can do well in this small show-case I can do well anytime.

Lets do this!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Dedication and Over all Health.


My legs are killing me, before heading to Jui-jitsu tonight. I woke up and had eggs and toast. Then started my morning work out which consisted of a three mile bike ride, chest and back work out. I've been falling in love with biking again, even the its a recumbent bike. In the summer I've also go a three week bike that I take out on the trail. On my recumbent I try and average three to files miles every other day with weight training also.

I'm shaping my diet up with just the basics, protein, fruit and a lot of veggies. And a lot of water too, Gatorade when I'm on the mats, no soda, or if I do its one a day or none at all. Staying away from pasta is a plus too. You get good carbs from fruit and nuts. Another thing with Cerebral Palsy is that it is very important to feed your body a ton of water, it helps fight off spasams as well.

I've noticed that what I put in my body, has either a positive or negative on my performance in the gym.
Or even when I'm at the desk writing. (like now) We get one body, and I want mine to be the best it can be. For me though the trick is then not to compare my self to other people my size who may be a bit more muscular or chizzled than I. You have to work with what you have.

As I always say, even if you are not in martial arts, you still should make every effort to take care of the
body you have. After all it is my firm belief that at the end of the day, we actually don't own our bodies.
we have them but for a breath or season. For me, my aim is to get in competition/fight shape, and that takes dedication, time and effort. But it is possible.

Set your self a goal and go for it!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Tonight was such an amazing workout, I think my performance tonight was better then any other. I pulled off one toe crunch submission hold and nice boe-tie lock. One of my teammates is now a national champion. I get the honor of working with him quite a bit.

As always, I want to stress that we keep moving forward. I heard someone say recently say that we need hope, without it we don’t have progress. Without progress of any kind life becomes meaningless. I’m learning to love people each time I step out onto the mat.

And to show compassion to myself, it makes things just a bit easier. There is hope, dreams can be reached. If only we find the strength to move on after our shortcomings.

Perseverance, Character and character hope.