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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Inner Beast of Jujitsu.

(Wow.. The amount of page views this thing is getting is amazing to say the least, clearly, I do not deserve it because updates are few far and in between).

As I have said in previous posts, grappling has been something I've been involved with most of my entire life. Though, as I have gotten older there has seemed to be more challenges on my body. It's a lot more difficult to move my hips now as quickly as needed. (Though, stretching would help too, I just have to discipline myself more in this area).

And my lower back has a give in it that will only get once as I get older, all that means is that my head allows has a way of leaning forward when moving to attack or execute moves. All this to say, the obstacles in front of me are few but big. Add to that not having full use of my right arm.

Please don't read this as a form of self-pity, it's not my intention. If anything I am trying to make war against self-pity, while still be honest about the challenges that Cerebral Palsy has dealt me.

That is to say then that, with Jujitsu, there has been for me a lot of discouraging thoughts and emotions that come along with it. Last night after practice I wanted to just cry in the shower for a bit but that never happened. Keith Owen, says that he hates quitters. So anytime I think of quitting I think of him saying that, perhaps he is the new Chuck Norris! (That was a joke)

I have learned a lot from him and his videos on YouTube, he seems to be very simplistic in nature. Anyway, quitting Jujitsu has been something that has crossed my mind almost a hand full of times. Why keep going when your constantly getting your ass kicked on daily basis and have yet to actually win a match in competition?

Why keep going when everyone else is climbing up the mountain faster than you? I've heard it said that only way you will ever improve and Jujitsu, is if you're training three times a week. Well, as a full time college student, I can't do that, and not being able to drive sucks too. If, I knew that Jujitsu would put money in my bank account and secure some what a future for me, I'd gladly give all my time to it.

But that obviously is not happening right now, plus I really love people and am pursuing a psychology degree, but I have a very long way to go with that too.

Moral of the story.. Am I going to quit? No, I'm not, I'm going to continue to run my race. And you should too.

Keep at it.