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Saturday, February 23, 2013

After The Eddie Bravo Seminar

The Eddie Bravo seminar was pretty cool, this being my third one. I continual learn new things to improve my grappling skills. Eddie is a very down to earth guy. A few other of my team mates got their blue belts today, I was proud to witness it, they've earned it.

As for me, I will do the best I can with what i've got.


PS, here is a picture of Eddie and myself. He is holding a copy of my book "The Emotional Struggle".

Friday, February 22, 2013

An Awesome Feeling

Master Eddie Bravo, founder of 10th Planet Jujitsu, told me that I looked great on the mats tonight. That truly gave me a boost.

Seminar tomorrow!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Improvements and the lack there of.


With being in school and being required to work out a few days a week. I've actually been working out everyday this past week. There have been some great changes in my body, the abs are really showing and over all I have been feeling great.

Beyond that I am very tired physically... Let me also say very quickly that in my last tournament I took second place in the Gi division via arm bar victory. And sadly I didn't take home anything in the No-Gi division. But I had some very hard fought matches.

The down side of being a full time college student, is that doesn't allow much time on the mats. But when I am, I have to always to re-adjust myself to the realities of it. It's like my 1st day all over again.

My team mates all seem to be improving, where as I am back at square one all over again. My lower back has a give in it that causes me to lean forward, or my like fall forward. That puts me in bad positions all the time.

It's frustrating, I almost feel like it's not work it to go out there anymore, because of the fact that I look so aweful. But I have the desire to keep fighting, no matter how horrible I look or feel at times.

Here is a photo of me from my last tournament: