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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost Time


There is 48 hours until my first competition, and man there is a knot in my stomach. Training was great last night, we brushed up on some leg locks, which is something that I love very deeply. Mainly because they were the first submissions I ever learned from the likes of the late, great and amazing Sifu Larry Hartsell. Who was also one of Bruce Lee's original students.

During the "rolling" part of last night's session was great, I was on my back about 90 percent of the time, but my defense I noticed has improved very much, though there is something to be said about going up against a man who has many pounds on you, mainly 60-70 pounds.

However, my stamina is very good and I'm hoping that that carries me through each match. The scary part is its a single elimination style competition, meaning you loose once, your done. That scares the daylights out of me because I am so hungry and starving to do good and win my division. How cool would that be if I brought home a bit of gold with me?

However, I am not being foolish and looking passed those who stand in front of me, they don't know me, and I don't know them, but may the best man win. Just now I'm reminding myself that this a "In House" meet up, so it should be fun, but man is there a fire burning inside, maybe I need to calm down and conserve myself ha ha.

I'm taking the next two days off to relax, eat good and keep very well hydrated. My body feels great and I am just about in the best shape I've ever been in, give or take some areas of improvement. I've down all that I can to be ready, including getting my ass handed to me in practice every week, along side that though, I've worked with some amazing talent. Matthew Hester, who is pretty much my wrestling coach, has helped me not be so scared when I'm all fours and someone has my neck, he's a great coach and makes everything very easy to learn.

Derek Stewart- The main coach at 10th Planet Omaha has done a great job at adjusting stuff so that fit my body structure and ability. Ant Lopez, who is a very young talent, is already a world champion, has helped me in a lot of small but major ways, and Courtney "The Assassin" Smith, who is also another young talent and is much like a sister to me has worked closely with me as well. I call her the Assassin, because once she gets a hold of you, your done. Oh, and "Thunder", he is always a joy to practice with because he always has a smile on his face it seems, and makes you enjoy practice and the kid doesn't seem to have an ego at all. Which is great.

I feel like I'm writing a thank you speech right now, maybe I am. Mary Sanchez, though she is not on the mat with us, she plays the role of a Mother and encourager, almost every week she opens the door for me and welcomes me with a smile. Little stuff like that, for me. Allows my nights in the gym to go much smoother.

The only thing I am truly worried about is my ability to lock my hands together when I have some one in some form of choke, due to my condition it makes things so difficult. I had a guy named Justin in a pretty solid one arm choke last night, and he kept on yelling at me to lock my hands together, and the more I tried the longer it was and the longer it took. So I just sank my arm in deeper, put my hips to the the floor, looked to the sky and got the tap.

Afterwards though, I had to explain to him the difficulties that Cerebral Palsy brings to my grappling game, he said: oooh okay!" As if to understand, but fear not, I will finger this out some how, and when I do... Ah, snap! Well, I 'm not sure about a snap, but some one is going to sleep!

The other day, I heard some soft voice within myself say that I had already one just by going out there. I wrote that down in my journal, then my sister told me pretty much the same thing. Then this morning, my friend Kayio leaves me this message:

"Brandon, all your hard work impresses all of us at our gym - you're an amazing athlete - and your tourney is simply a test of where you are in comfort with YOUR automatic reflex and muscle memory. It's not about your opponent, it's all you - and you my friend are amazing and already a champion in my book"

Beautiful huh?

Lets do this! WAR!

-Brandon/The CPwarrior