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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Results from the Tournament.

I took a bronze medal. Though I lost twice again I fought with everything that was in me. During weigh ins my weight was lower than i'd like (122) to be exact, people were very encouraging and clapped as I left the mat. Through everything I'm happy and even proud of myself, I stayed calm, breathing was good and all in all I know I did the best I could.

Now, relax a bit and back in the gym we go to figure out a new game plan and learn.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Practice before Tournament Saturday

Tonight's practice was tough,

Made a lot of mistakes but also learned some sweet new movies, during the live grappling I pulled off one choke, but the rest of the night it was me fighting for my life.. I'm really proud though to be rollin with some champions. During the night's practice I watched everybody going after one another and I felt a lot of different mind games going on, negative voices telling me that I had no chance at winning.

Yet I took those thoughts captive, because their not true, I have a fighting chance. I could win and and I very well could loose again. Yet it's about the warrior spirit and stepping into batter with your head held high ready to leave everything you're on the mat.

The only time you ever fail is if you don't try.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me Against Me

With the tournament next Saturday, my heart is filled with excitement fear. Even though from the start my purpose for competing again was for fun. But in all honesty I'm asking myself: "Have I trained enough?" Truthfully, no I haven't, my life doesn't really allow me to do so. And with starting college in the fall I'll only be able to train a few times a week.

In all reality it will probably set me back in my journey a bit. Someone asked me recently "What is more important to you?"

... School? I said, the person agreed with me. I've been coming back to the analogy of climbing a mountain, for some the path up the mountain is some what steady, it may take a bit of energy to pull yourself up at times but over all the climb isn't very difficult. For others though the climb takes along time and requires a lot more of physical, mental and even emotional resources just to climb one more inch.

I know I've gotten better, people have told me that, but if I am able to compete next weekend. I want to do my best, stay calm and do what I do in practice every week. People tell me I'm hard to tap out, so even if I don't win a match I want to fight and defend and not get submitted. I don't want to get caught in any chokes.

And most importantly I'd to try and stay focus with all the other noise going on around me. I'll finish next week strong in the gym. Lets do this!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Time Has Almost Arrived..

May 19th next tournament..

I'm feeling good and will hopefully be fighting in the 126 division. The problem is, there is no one in that
class yet. So hopefully things shape up. Just hoping to calm, control my breathing and have fun!